19 April 2011

Is sugar toxic?

It's great to find that Lustig's argument on sugar caught public attention. Yesterday I found that NY-Times carry an article about this. Here is the link for the Lustig's lecture that I have posted sometime October last year.

To read more detail about all this sugar debate, I would recommend to go over to Alan Aragon's Blog.

02 April 2011

Extremist in Veganism

"French vegans face trial after death of baby fed only on breast milk
Court hears parents became vegan after watching documentary about abattoirs and refused to eat any animal products"
This recent news is very sad. I guess these kind of people behavior that lead to the typical stereotype of a vegan as a eccentric and fanatical people. Human life is far more important than any animals in the world. Therefore I believe taking a moderate view of diet, such as flexitarian, is a better way to go.
For more historical records of such extremist parents, visit here: http://naturalhygienesociety.org/diet-veganbaby.html