13 December 2011

Endocrine Disruptor

Last weekend I read an interesting book on boys development and ADHD from "Boys Adrift" by Dr. Leonard Sax. He listed five factors that drive the decline of boys:
  1. Video games
  2. School teaching method (he advocate single sex class/school)
  3. Overuse of medication for ADHD
  4. Endocrin disruptor found in our environment and food supply chain
  5. Social devaluation of masculinity (see The Simpsons)
For this post, I'm interested to expound further on the point 4 about the "Endocrine disruptor".
Have you recently be shopping for water-bottle or even milk-bottle for baby? If yes, you might have seen that numbers of manufacturer 'proudly' declare their product to be BPA-free. Apparently it was found that BPA (Bisphenol A), which is primarily use to make polycarbonate plastic, exhibit endocrine disruption effect, specifically it elevate rates diabetes, mammary and prostate cancers, decreased sperm count, reproductive problems, early puberty, obesity, and neurological problems.

BPA on the plastic bottle could leach when it is stored in warm/hot temperature. One way to identify of plastic that contain BPA is to check the recycling code number. Most plastic with number 3 and 7 do contain BPA. If you prefer to be safe, always choose a glass bottle. Beware as well with can-food (i.e. can tuna) where most of the time the can lining contain BPA. Always prefer fresh food rather than processed food.

Also read NYTimes article on "How Chemical Affect Us"